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Losing Weight With Living Lighter of Santa Rosa

Living lighter has a unique approach to weight loss. We understand that life gets heavy, not only physically carrying around extra pounds but emotionally and mentally as well. That is why we designed a one of a kind program that focuses on you as a whole person not just on calories and exercise. It is a holistic approach to living the life you want not just losing weight but shifting your mental and emotional state as well for long term weight loss success.

Our 4 week Accelerated Program is a structured 2 hour weekly group class with customized nutrition plans combining nutrient dense foods and specialized meal replacements. This program is designed for someone who would like to focus their weight loss efforts for speedy results while learning about helpful long term solutions for maintaining weight loss which includes an introduction to our 6 pillars of weight loss success. Biometric measurements and assessments are provided to track personal progress.

Our 12 week Lifestyle program is designed for individuals who are looking for long term weight loss success. This program uses customized nutrition plans combining nutrient dense foods and specialized meal replacements for each individual alongside behavior change skills, emotional support and lifestyle strategies. The 6 pillars of weight loss success are a substantial part of this program emphasized through weekly education and activities. Biometric measurements are done regularly to track progress. The lifestyle program is designed to restore your optimal health and align your life to maintain it.

One on one appointments are also available for those desiring nutritional guidance related to specific health issues including chronic fatigue, diabetes, digestive issues, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies and intolerances, inflammation and arthritis, kidney disease, and weight management.

Our 6 Pillars of Weight Loss

Optimal Nutrition

1. Optimal Nutrition

Eating right is a challenge and can be difficult to navigate. Get empowered with food and nutrition knowledge to find what foods are best for you.


2. Exercise

The benefits of physical activity are extensive. Learn how to get more active in a way that fits your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Healthy Mindset

3. Healthy Mindset

A healthy mindset includes observing thoughts and shifting negative thinking into positive affirmations to keep you on your path to achieving your goals. Living Lighter provides many techniques and tools to help you do this and increase the joy and ease in your life.

Emotional Wellbeing

4. Emotional Wellbeing

Our underlying emotional current is a the key to success. Learn incredible simple and yet effective ways to shift your emotions using essential oil technologies.


5. Stillness

It is in the stillness that we re-gain our center and replenish ourselves. This pillar focuses on sleep, rest, stress management, relaxation techniques and mindfulness.

Reduce Toxic Load

6. Reduce Toxic Load

There are many harmful substances in our environment. It is our goal to help you reduce these is your daily life to maintain good health over the years.

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